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THINK Innovation

Research and Development

Focusing on Innovation and R&D - Limitless Possibilities!


Internet of Things

Industrial Automation, Process Improvement, Home Automation with the Help of In House IoT Solutions

THINK HealthCare

HealthCare Automation

Remote Patient Monitoring with 24/7 Support by Integrating IoT Solutions


Smart Agriculture

Integrating IoT in Farming to Boost Productivity and Reduce Waste

THINK Education

Education for the Future

Focusing on Outcome Based Education for Tomorrow's Innovators

  • Research and Development


    THINK was formed with the vision to transform imagination into reality. With innovation being the core function of the organisation, the right solution is just around the corner. Whether you are thinking of a simple home automation or a complex industrial process improvement, our consultants and innovation team will be able to provide you with the right solution to cater to your needs.

  • Internet of Things


    THINK deploys resource in IoT applications development, computer vision and machine learning algorithms, as well as web and embedded technologies, and communication protocols to reinforce your business with smart video surveillance systems, data visualisation and analytics tools and web dashboard systems for managing your distributed fleet of devices and sensors. Our IoT developers are ready to put your IoT solutions on track and enable efficient M2M data flow.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring


    People with chronic health conditions, monitoring and tracking their health data in real-time is critical for successfully managing their conditions. THINK HealthCare, a facilitator of remote patient monitoring programmes, develops innovative and affordable disease management solutions designed to improve patient outcomes while decreasing total cost of care. The devices and proven solutions are being used in home care, community health clinics, hospitals, physician groups, and insurance providers.

  • Smart Agriculture


    Farming has seen a number of technological transformations in the last decades, becoming more industrialised and technology-driven. Unfortunately, very little of that technology has reached Bangladesh. By using various smart agriculture gadgets, THINK Agro aims to help farmers gain better control over the process of raising livestock and growing crops, making it more predictable and improving its efficiency.

  • Education for the Future


    Today, the objects around us are becoming smarter due to the innovations in technology and various industries are getting disrupted. But compared to the rest of the world, Bangladesh still has a long way to go to adapt to these technologies. While the typical education system of the country focuses more on the theoretical aspects, the practical implications of these theories remain untouched. With innovation being the core of the organisation, THINK Education aims to revolutionise the culture of education in Bangladesh by incorporating technology and knowledge in order to provide outcome-based education for tomorrow’s innovators.

IoT Based Environment
Monitoring System
DC & AC Online and Offline UPS, Router UPS, UPS for Single Board Computer
Solar On-Grid, Off-Grid, Hybrid Inverter, Solar Charger
Intelligent Surveillance System
With DVR or NVR Power Backup
Frequency Inverter, Main Distribution Box, Sub Distribution Box
Automatic Transfer Switch, Static Transfer Switch, Phase Sequence Corrector, Voltage Guard & Stabiliser, Inverters and Rectifiers
IoT Based Fire Fighting & Hardware Monitoring Systems
Power Distribution Unit, Air Cooler Control Panel, Temperature Display Module
Home Automation

Wouldn’t it be nice when you reach home after a long day’s work to have your home ready for you just the way you want it? The temperature is set to the right amount, the ambience is just right for your mood, the clothes are washed and dried, the safety and security of your home is ensured allowing you to live a Jetsons-like life that you have always dreamt of. THINK facilitates home automation by managing home appliances using many control techniques, where a single device is utilised to control many things of home like switching on and off different appliances, monitoring temperature, fire and security alarms, TVs, garage doors, lights, washing machine etc.

Industrial Automation

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a strategic priority for manufacturing companies as it allows them to give more value to their customers as well as improve cost-efficiency of their internal operations. THINK utilises modern sensor technology to enhance different types of equipment with remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities. Development of IoT is considered as one of the major events in modern day industrial revolution. THINK aims to facilitate the digital transformation for organisations wanting to achieve better productivity and management of processes and assets by bringing together modern cloud computing, IIoT, and AI to create intelligent, self-optimising industrial equipment and facilities.

On Demand R&D Support

Research and Development (R&D) is an essential part of bringing about that all-important innovation to your company by obtaining new knowledge applicable to your business' needs, which can eventually result in new or improved products, processes, systems, or services that can increase your business' sales and profits. Research and Development requires a great deal of experience, senior experts, and specific toolsets—resources that not every company can say they have handy. THINK aims to mitigate this problem by engaging its resources to accommodate organisations avail that strategic advantage in business through implementing its expertise in R&D and by significantly minimising the overhead cost and delivery time with its already deployed infrastructure.


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